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The small grains are crystals formed from sugar syrup. Because the sieve holes are larger than the crystals, these fine grains can still pass through the sieve into the product. When cooking, use hot water between 75 to 100 degrees Celsius, and stir thoroughly for 30 seconds to 1 minute to dissolve.

If there are still issues with concentration or dissolution, please contact us through our LINE@ customer service, and we will arrange for a professional technician to assist you over the phone.

The main ingredients of winter melon tea bricks are fresh winter melon and premium refined sugar, derived from refined sucrose. During the refinement process of premium sugar, when the syrup naturally evaporates water and reaches a state of carbonation saturation, sucrose will naturally crystallize from the inside.

To produce winter melon tea bricks, the winter melon solution is mixed with sugar, heated to high temperatures to form winter melon syrup, poured into molds, cooled into brick shapes. During this process, the sugar solution, depending on the orientation of placement, settles to the bottom during cooling, and as moisture evaporates, natural crystals precipitate. This is why winter melon tea bricks may have different-sized white spots, which is a normal natural phenomenon. Winter melon tea bricks belong to the category of sugar products, so special attention should be paid to storage conditions and humidity to prevent moisture absorption.

Forever Sweety Lao Tao Ke’s winter melon tea bricks are produced in a scientific, large-scale manner, with fixed proportions of freshly harvested winter melon and raw sugar. As winter melon is an agricultural product, its aroma can be influenced by factors such as soil, water quality, and weather. To ensure consistent quality, approximately 0.1% of spices are added for aroma standardization, ensuring that each batch of products meets customer standards. Additionally, we accept custom orders without spices. Please contact us for further details.

In compliance with regulations such as HACCP, ISO 22000, Halal certification, and food safety laws, the sourcing of spices must adhere to relevant laws and comply with regulations on food additives.

This is a phenomenon known as deliquescence, where a substance absorbs moisture from the air and becomes a solution.

The air we breathe contains not only oxygen and nitrogen but also carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Because the air contains water vapor, substances with high hygroscopicity tend to absorb moisture from the air, turning into a solution. Dehumidifiers utilize this principle to remove moisture from the air.

The main ingredients of winter melon tea bricks are fresh winter melon and premium refined sugar, derived from refined sucrose. The hygroscopic and hydrophilic properties of sucrose molecules (C12H22O11) make sugar particularly prone to absorbing moisture from the air, thereby dissolving itself into a liquid. Additionally, fructose and invert syrup have higher hygroscopicity than sucrose, making them more susceptible to spoilage and acidification when exposed to air. Once winter melon tea bricks undergo deliquescence, they have undergone a qualitative change and are no longer suitable for consumption.

The correct way to store winter melon tea bricks is to avoid high humidity in the air. Use a hygrometer to monitor the humidity level and keep it below 70%. Store them in a cool, ventilated environment to slow down the rate of deliquescence or prevent it altogether.

If you are using the 550g commercial-sized Lao Tao Ke winter melon tea bricks, we recommend adding 500 c.c. of water to a pot. Bring it to a boil while stirring continuously until it becomes a syrup-like consistency. Then, adjust the water according to your preference to create classic winter melon tea. The winter melon syrup tastes even better after it’s been chilled.

If you are using the 25g household mini winter melon tea bricks, we suggest adding 100 c.c. of hot water and stirring, then adding ice cubes for a refreshing iced winter melon tea.

If you prefer hot winter melon tea, you can add 300 c.c. of hot water and stir.

If you’d like to explore more recipes, you can click on this link for reference.

The “Green Label” winter melon tea bricks from Lao Tao Ke contain a higher proportion of winter melon and utilize exclusive refining techniques to enhance the aroma of winter melon, making it widely loved. This Green Label product from Lao Tao Ke is sold and shipped by the case on our official website. However, due to high demand from our customers for individual retail purchases, we have also resized and repackaged them into mini winter melon tea bricks, allowing everyone to easily enjoy the globally popular flavor at home with just a small piece.

As for the “Red Label” winter melon tea bricks from Lao Tao Ke, they are primarily provided to distributors and beverage businesses for bulk purchasing. You may find this Red Label product in retail stores or taste it in winter melon beverages at popular bubble tea shops.

If you need assistance finding nearby distributors, please contact us. For more information, you can click here.

We are unable to provide replacements for the following situations:

  • Product packaging damaged, leaked, contaminated with foreign objects or insects due to improper storage by the consumer.
  • Product dampness or deliquescence due to improper storage by the consumer.
  • Damages or loss of products due to force majeure (such as floods, fires, earthquakes, riots, etc.).
  • If the product or outer box is damaged during transportation due to the negligence of the carrier, please do not accept the goods, immediately contact us, and return the product. We will replace it with a new one for you.
  • Products sold as perishable items.
  • Products that have been unsealed, consumed, or have consumed packaging materials.

If you find any damage or impact to the goods upon receipt, it may have occurred during the delivery process.

Once you notice any issues, please take photos for evidence within 2 hours of receiving the goods and contact us immediately by phone or email. We will need to arrange for the delivery company to retrieve the damaged goods.

Please take clear photos of the damaged or problematic areas (at least 2-3 photos) and send them to us via LINE@ for further handling of the return or exchange process. We will have a dedicated person assist you.

A reminder: Products that have been opened or consumed are not eligible for return or exchange.

Yes, we do offer worldwide shipping to destinations that can be reached. We can provide you with a quotation based on C&F or F.O.B. terms. Please contact our customer service for more information and a quotation.