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Stand Straight as Sugarcane, Rooted in the Honest Land.
Pursue excellence and forge ahead: make everyone happy

“Yongliang Old Man’s Home”, located in Dongshan, Tainan, is the latest old brand in the region. Founded in 1991 in the suburbs of Dongshan, Yongliang Old Man’s Manufacturing Factory No. 1 started with the production of granulated sugar and rock sugar, with the change of people’s life and food culture, customers have different positioning and usage of sugar, therefore, we began to manufacture traditional sugar such as winter melon tea bricks, Taiwan brown sugar, and brown rock sugar in 1995. We are committed to innovating and improving from ancient methods, including the development and patenting of a cotton-thread-free rock candy process, and the world’s first double-cross knife cutting method for winter melon tea bricks. Coupled with more than ten years of manufacturing experience, we always help customers think one step ahead and are ready to solve customers’ problems, so that Yongliang Old Man’s Home has won a lot of trust and praise in listed cabinet catering groups, medium and large hand-cranked beverage brands, and countless customers at home and abroad. Thanks to the support of customers, we have grown stronger year by year, and our sales channels have expanded to North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions, and we are also the world’s largest brand in the export volume of Taiwan’s winter melon bricks.

The vision of the old man's house in Yongliang
Scale for happiness

The old man’s house in Yongliang is based on the idea of making everyone happy (Scale for happinessAs a brand vision, we hope that by combining processed sugar products with local agricultural products, we will have a positive impact on society as a whole. In order to achieve this vision, we are committed to supporting the strongest raw materials, and we are committed to helping members of the value chain to obtain and use compliant, safe, and appropriate food raw materials, and to build long-term and meaningful relationships with local farmers, so that everyone can achieve the happiness value they want.

We embrace six core values, constantly reminding ourselves of the mission we carry to achieve our corporate vision. These six core values include: (1) Sustainable operation with ethical practice; (2) A friendly workplace with equal opportunities; (3) Industry-academia collaboration and lifelong learning; (4) Establishing long-term local relationships; (5) Continuity and innovation in development; and (6) Integrity and responsibility with a positive attitude.


From the establishment of the company, the positioning of the brand, the product design to the care of employees, it all comes from care.

Quality trust

HACCP and ISO 22000, and there are regular audits of well-known stores.

Social Feedback

ESG local feedback, every dollar you spend will be contributed to Dongshan.

Diversity and inclusion

Regardless of gender, creed or race, they are all equal in the working environment of the old man's house.

A new brand: the birth of the old man's house
From Yongliang, plus the old man's house, to the old man's house in Yongliang

Coinciding with the period of rapid economic growth in Taiwan, at the beginning, only the Yongliang brand was used to manufacture rock sugar and brown sugar to meet the domestic market, and as rock sugar and brown sugar could no longer meet the ever-changing taste needs, a new brand, “Old Man’s Winter Melon Tea Brick”, was born, which extracted the original taste of winter melon with innovative and improved manufacturing process, and gradually expanded the domestic beverage market. Shouting the old man’s house in authentic Taiwanese means the inheritance of experience and skills, and the honest and simple, hard-working father who supports a family, and this is also the original intention of the “Yongliang” brand: for the people we love. The old man’s family is in Dongshan, Tainan, in addition to supporting his own family, he also silently supports many families, and accompanies them through many life growth journeys, perhaps changing jobs, maybe retiring, or serving for 20 years, this factory has carried many microcosms of life.

With the growth of business volume year by year, and in order to comply with the ever-changing food safety regulations, all the factories of Yongliang Laotoujia have been verified by HACCP and ISO22000 (the earliest in the industry, passed in 2011, 10 years ahead), and all Yongliang sugar and Laotoujia products have also obtained halal certification, and exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other places, and the demand for Laoman’s winter melon tea bricks in foreign markets has also increased year by year.

The old man’s house in Yongliang is like a sugarcane, such as a straight deep root in Dongshan, Tainan, and wins the favor of customers with our honest service. Yongliang old man’s home is the latest old brand, and whether it is young or old, Yongliang old man’s home only does one thing: we use love and responsibility to eliminate difficulties.

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ESG Environmental, Social & Governance
The first sustainability report of the winter melon tea brick and brown sugar manufacturing plant in Taiwan

years of expertise

Rock sugar crystallization patent, the first winter melon brick cross knife cutting method


Export countries

Hot sales in Indonesia, stable occupation of Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States market


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