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The path of practice

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed.

In 2021, when the UK government announced that it would levy a plastic tax, our client asked, “How many grams of shrink film does the Lao Tao Ke’s winter melon tea brick weigh?” We set up a sustainability team and convened a team of experts and academics to help senior management quickly understand the concept of ESG. We are not subject to government enforcement, but we understand that CSR and ESG are a good choice, which coincides with the vision of “making everyone happy”.

2021. 09

A management team meeting was held to hire a team of experts and scholars to set up a sustainability team to help senior management better understand ESG, and formulate short-, medium- and long-term strategies for gradual implementation.

2022. 06

Published the first Forever Sweety Lao Tao Ke's sustainability report, which is the first in Taiwan's winter melon tea brick factory, and the only open and transparent one in the industry. The report complies with AA1000 AS v3 Standard Type 1 Medium Third Party Assurance.

2023. 09

The first ISO 14064-1 carbon inventory was completed, the only factory in the industry to have completed the first time, with moderate confidence from BSI's verification body, and the results of this report are revealed in the 2024 Sustainability Report.

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